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Review: Matt Lenny

A hard-rockin’ blast of Americana from Matt Lenny and the Breakdown

According to his bio, Michigan–based guitarist and songwriter Matt Lenny writes songs that fall on the rock and roll side of Americana, and on this latest single with his band, The Breakdown, Lenny leans hard into the rock. “Spinning Bells” launches with a crunchy stomp amidst a simple, sparse rhythm guitar that takes full advantage of the space between the notes for its heaviness. Shimmering acoustic guitar and the subtle twang in Lenny’s voice serve to anchor this rocker firmly in the Americana camp, recalling some of the more intense moments on Brandi Carlile’s latest album – another country-influenced songwriter who understands the majesty of cranked up electric guitar and a huge backbeat. 

Lyrically, “Spinning Bells” employs the tambourine as metaphor for the way a great performance can get under your skin, something fans of any genre can surely get behind, and the visceral crunch as the guitars surge heading into the final verse only serve to hammer the point home.

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